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Nanoparticles: dangerous experiments disguised as dinner

For Immediate Release 17th September 2015

We are eating unlabelled and untested nano particles in food. Nano titanium dioxide and silica were found in every one of the 14 products tested in research commissioned by Friends of the Earth.(1)

"When kids are given M&Ms as a treat or Old El Paso Taco mix for dinner it appears we are unknowingly feeding them nanoparticles that may be unsafe." Said Fran Murrell of MADGE

Studies show nano titanium dioxide can cause inflammation, DNA damage and cell death (2). It can cross the blood brain barrier and the placental barrier. The offspring of pregnant mice fed nano titanium dioxide had brain damage, nerve system damage and reduced sperm production in the male mice.(3) Nano silica is associated with liver damage.(4)

"Once again our food regulator, FSANZ, has shown themselves to be inadequate in their duty to protect public health and safety." said Fran Murrell of MADGE. "They are not testing our food or enforcing their own requirements that nanoparticles must be tested and approved before being sold. We are unknowingly eating potentially unsafe ingredients because the food industry wants to sell it. This is not good enough. Our kids have increasing levels of auto immune diseases and ill health. We have no idea of whether the new technologies and ingredients in our food are part of the reason they are sick."

"FSANZ appears complacent not only about nanoparticles but also the use of irradiation, GM foods and the new GM breeding techniques. It is time that FSANZ stopped allowing the food industry to introduce whatever technology it wants with either minimal or no oversight. Our health is directly connected to the quality of the food we eat. We want nanoparticles off the shelves until they are proven safe to eat. We also want a food regulator that protects us from the increasing number of risky technologies that corporations are using. We need good food and healthy kids and not to be part of dangerous, irreversible experiments disguised as dinner."

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(3) Takeda, K. et al. (2009) Nanoparticles Transferred from Pregnant Mice to Their Offspring Can Damage the Genital and Cranial Nerve Systems. Journal of Health Science 55(1):95–102,

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