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Pesticides in Food

Australia allows the use of pesticides banned in other countries:

Endosulfan is a pesticide that has been banned in 62 countries. “The chemical has been linked to reproductive and developmental damage in animals and humans, and residues have been detected in breast milk and placentas.” There is suspicion that the use of endosulfan on a nut plantation in Noosa may be linked to an outbreak of two headed bass larvae at a neighbouring fish hatchery.

The Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants will decide whether to trigger a gradual ban on its use in October this year. Its maker, Bayer Crop Science, is expected to phase out sales in countries where it is still allowed in 2010. Meanwhile the regulator Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority says there are no human health issues associated with using Endosulfan.

Organic agriculture works within natural systems and avoids the use of pesticides.

Many farmers may grow organically or nearly organically but have not applied for certification. You would need to ask them about their farming practices to decide whether to buy their products or not.

There are several organic certifiers in Australia:

Biological Farmers of Australia & BFA Standards

Organic Growers of Australia

Australian Certified Organic


DEMETER Biodynamic Agriculture in Australia

There are also foreign certifiers:

Soil Association

USDA Organic

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