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GM crops grown in Australia

GM canola was grown in Australia for the first time in 2008. Most Australian farmers grow non-GM canola. GM and non-GM canola are kept separate so you have a choice to buy non-GM canola and farmers get higher prices for their non-GM crops.

GM cotton has been grown in Australia since 1996. The GM cotton has been designed to kill insects by destroying their stomachs. Pests have become resistant to one toxin producing gene and in 2017 95% of Australian cotton is with three insect killing toxins in it. Perhaps this is why China has refused to import it.

Ring supermarkets and food companies to ask that they only use non-GM canola or non-GM cottonseed oil in their homebrands and in the products they stock.

Get food manufacturers to keep canola GM free

Goodman Fielder and Unilever are two of Australia's biggest food companies and buy much of the canola grown in Australia. Please ask them to use only GM free canola.