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GM food not 'answer' to feeding the world

Nestle advocates GM Free

Nestle says: "Genetically modified (GM) food is unnecessary to feed the world and the food industry would reap more benefits from using resources more sustainably and employing other techniques".

Nestle continues... "We [Nestle] have a very simple way of looking at GM, listen to what the consumer wants, if they don't want it in products, you don't put it in them."Thankyou Nestle, but what use is this sentiment when customers are not even aware that there are GM ingredients in the products they buy to start with?

The only way to truly give consumers a choice about 'what they want in their products' is to implmment full process based labelling of GM ingredients as they have done in Europe. That way consumers are informed, and can make an informed choice as to whether they risk consuming GM products or feeding their child formula with GM ingredients in it.

There has also recently been a NSW health department investigation of Nestle NAN HA Gold, as it is making infants sick. There is a facebook group of Mums who have been discussing this issue and are trying to get an official recall of the product.

Learn more about GM Food Labelling in Australia. and Read the full story from Nestle here: