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Media Release 2012

World Food Day Report: Fed Up with FSANZ allowing GM in our food - unlabelled and virtually untested

*Food Standards Australia New Zealand

Almost all processed foods contain GM ingredients but shoppers are in the dark as most GM-derived ingredients escape labelling,[i]  a report by Mothers Are Demystifying Genetic Engineering (MADGE) being launched today highlights.

The report, which details numerous tests raising health concerns while our food regulator FSANZ continues to let GM foods into Australia and New Zealand, will be launched to mark World Food Day today in Melbourne, Perth and Wellington.

Over 70 Protests Target Monsanto Worldwide

Occupy Monsanto Rally 600 St Kilda Rd, Melb: Noon, Monday September 17th.
Over 70 Protests Target Monsanto Worldwide

Monsanto has occupied our food and farms. It's time to claim them back.

"Something's wrong when Monsanto, which has poisoned us with PCB's, Agent Orange, dioxin and pesticides, controls much of the global food supply. Their latest product, GM food is being silently slipped onto our plates." says Jessica Harrison of GM Cropwatch.

First peer reviewed lifetime feeding trial of GM Corn crop and Roundup.

Today the report of the first peer reviewed trial of GM corn and Round-up safety looking at the health of lab rats for their lifetime was published in France. The study found that levels of GM corn and Round-Up, previously regarded as safe, caused tumours and multiple organ damage in laboratory rats.

MADGE asks CSIRO for GM wheat code

MADGE has asked CSIRO for the gene silencing DNA code in their GM wheat. Professor Jack Heinemann’s report of yesterday showed the likelihood of perfect matches with human DNA.

“We want to know exactly which genes of our children could be silenced by a genetically engineered sandwich” said Madeleine Love, researcher at MADGE Australia, a volunteer community grassroots group of mothers and others researching in food.

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